Preview Of Addict !!!

so I figured I would let you guys read one poem from the book, why not! Here it is: 

There was once a time I only cared about me
I would hurt anyone that I could see
Because drugs were the only thing that mattered
Where all my thoughts were battered
Only caring about my next high
Or who was the hottest guy
Where escaping my fears meant taking a drink
Not ever stopping to think
I just wanted to drink till I stumbled
Till all my words were mumbled
Got so high I couldn’t think straight
I just couldn’t wait
My life was all about addiction
But now that life is fiction
I’ve cleaned up my act
And that’s a fact
Let me tell you life’s a lot clearer to me
Because now I can finally see
All the people I hurt and let down
All the people I made frown
But now I shall remain clean
Because I am no longer a drug queen


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