Another Preview

It’s all the achievements we lost
That came at such a cost

The pictures of the ones we love
Ones who now look down on us from above
Knowing that family is forever
Even in heartache it brings us together
This isn’t the way we used to be
So show me family
I lost everything I worked for
From family pass downs to the front door
My own house came down
Not only for me, but for the whole town
The house I built up fell to the ground
And scratched me up without a sound
This was Mother Nature’s deed
All the blood that I will bleed
This was not my fault; don’t put me to blame
For my family, I feel ashamed
I feel I’m the one who failed
All my hopes and dreams have sailed
It’s been me all along
I don’t know where I belong
Looking back it’s all so tough
Looking at the faces of my family is hard enough
I will rebuild my life and family
I know the way it should be
I have to stay strong
I don’t know where I went wrong


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