Great Week Ahead

So I actually have the best week ahead of me!

Monday (22) – My books are being delivered!
Tuesday (23)- I have to work, which isnt that exciting but hey its money
Wednesday (24)- I have an appointment with Indigo to see if theyll sell my book!
Thursday (25)- My business cards are coming in! & Happy Birthday To Miranda Walton!!

I dont think anything could go badly this week, like yea i have to work everyday but i am not worried one bit! this is going to be the best week ever & i cant wait to start selling my books this week too! and even better they’re all sold out which means time to order more !

then next week, i have to decide about publishing!! these next two weeks will be fabulous ! 🙂

thanks again to everyone for all their support and helping me through such great, inspiring times! hope you all cant wait to get your book and cant wait to read Addict!!!


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