well today is the day, with half my books sold out, today is the day i officially get published by iUniverse. 🙂

i also had the chance of talking with Indigo books yesterday and i am almost positive they are going to accept my book and put it in their local author section! Also i am setting up a book signing to anyone who wants to come.

good things come to those who wait.


Birthday Time

Well today is my birthday 🙂 

& what better way to spend it then at work… NOT! 
i am looking forward to my tattoo today though, and spending some time with my sister!

but even better news than that. the books are in and i’ve been handing them out to everyone!

A Good Feeling

well I just got news that my books arrived in windsor at 3:21 this morning and were on the truck for delivery at 7:21 so i am very hopeful that they will be arriving soon!!!!



HOPEFULLY TODAY my books will be arriving

TOMORROW will have to be my interview with Indigo

FRIDAY is my birthday 🙂


Well I just received news that my books were processed at a post office in Mississauga at 6:05 this morning! Hopefully they make it here by three because I need those books for my interview today! If not I guess I just have to reschedule my interview for the next day (seeing as I have Thursday off!) But anyways hang in there everyone I know I am!

I Was Right

Well I was right…

my books didnt show up today but they better be here tomorrow or else i wont be having an interview with Indigo 😦

but I have faith that everything is going to work out! plus, one good thing happened today, my business cards came two days early! 🙂

anyways guys, thanks for bearing with me i know you all want your books as much as i want them!