Hopeful For Home

I am really hoping that my books will be waiting for me when I get home! but although i am in high hopes, i also have the feeling that i will be let down again. which will really suck.

if so, sorry to all of you waiting for your books it is a huge let down for me too, but still thanks again for all the support guys, keep it up!


Publishing My Book

So as you all know, next week i will officially be a published author by iUniverse Publishing Company! so with my offer that i was given includes distribution, so i have attached apart of my email from my publishing consultant Spencer.

Heres where my books will be available for sale, and through me of course!



  • ·         Distribution to Wholesalers and Book Retailers
  • ·         Worldwide Distribution
  • ·         Publisher Bookstore
      • Major Online Retailers
        • Amazon (US, CAN, UK, etc)
        • Barnes and Noble website
        • Booksamillion.com
        • Borders.com
        • Chapters.indigo.ca
        • and many more…
      • Major Book Distributors
        • Ingram – major subscribers: bookstores
        • Baker and Taylor – major subscribers: libraries
        • Nielsen Book Data– circulation: worldwide

Tomorrow Is A New Day

well today definitely didnt turned out as i planned but you know what i can only hope that tomorrow will be better! i can only hope that tomorrow my books will come while im working and that everyone that was supposed to get their copy today will get it tomorrow!

other than that, the countdown still continues :

1 day till my interview with Indigo

2 days till my business cards arrive

and 3 days till my birthday! 🙂

heres to what i hope to be a good week!